Tom Cruise is King Of The Box Office Again With “Oblivion”

Tom Cruise Oblivion

Tom Cruse has had a heck of year so far. Some good, some bad. The good? He is king of the box office again as "Oblivion" took in $38 million in its opening weekend in the U.S.

Coming in second is "42", the Jackie Robinson bio flick which was number one last week. It took in $18 million.

"Oblivion" took in more in its first weekend than the last "Mission Impossible" movie if you can believe that.

The Doc Digged "Oblivion" Big Time!

Tom Cruise appeared on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" where he talked about his own stunts and still being fit at 50.

Congrats to Tom to returning to the top and Universal Pictures for believing in Cruise and a director only making his 2nd movie.-DocFB

Diagnosis: This is the Tom we LOVE....


Redonkulous! Adele Returns To #1 Spot On Billboard Charts

Adele. Photo: Vogue.com

Adele. Photo: Vogue.com

Adele. Photo: Vogue.com

We are not sure if the album is that good....still...or there just is a lack of new good music CD's being released, but Adele has returned to the number 1 spot on the Billboard Album Charts.

Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Adele have been trading places for number 1 for the past month. She sold 74,000 copies this week after her NBC special.

We have a feeling this stay at number 1 will not be long with new CD's by Usher and Wacka Flaka Flame that came out this week.

The Adele Cd has now sold over 9 million copies. Unheard of in this day and age.

So..who doesn't own this Adele CD?-DocFB


Prince’s “Dance 4 Me” Still Dominating British Dance Charts

Prince Dance 4 Me
Prince Dance 4 Me

Prince Dance 4 Me

Prince's "Dance 4 Me" is still in the top ten British Dance Charts after a week at number 1 last week.

The song has dropped to number 6 but is still in heavy rotation on radio stations overseas. He is ahead of Skrillex, the soon to be king of the dance charts in the U.S. and kept David Guetta out of the number 1 spot til this week.

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“The Help” Dominates Box Office Again As It Passes $100 Million

The Help Cast. Photo: GettyImages.com
The Help Cast. Photo: GettyImages.com

The Help Cast. Photo: GettyImages.com

The book stayed on the New York Times best seller list for 10 weeks and "The Help" has defied the odds of other summer movies and is number 1 for the 3rd straight week.  The movie has made over $100 million dollars in the U.S. alone.

The movie is good, but 3 weeks at number 1 good?  Hmm.  The cast has Oscars written all over it but since several of the roles will be supporting, they will be competing against one another.

I love Emma Stone and all of the ladies in the film.  3 weeks at number 1.  Wow.  Have you guys seen it yet?  What do you think?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Wonder How Many Times Jim Carrey Has Seen It


The #1 MTV Video Of The 90’s Is……..

The number 1 is "Waterfalls" by TLC.  There was no girls group that dominated the 90's like TLC.  From "Ain't To Proud To Beg" on, their mics were on and people were paying attention.  From being advocates to safe sex (Who could forget Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Condom glasses) to the social awareness of "Waterfalls" to not dating male hoodrats in "Scrubs" from the groups real final cd.

There has never been a girls group like TLC.  The reason?  Because there is nothing like TLC. Chili. T-Boz. Left Eye. They integrated soul, pop and rap so eloquently, you didn't really know they were doing all 3 at once.

It's nice to see a social conscience song still relevant after all these years.  Check out "Waterfalls" by TLC and let us know if you agree with it being the number 1 video of the 1990's by MTV.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Chili Can Still Give Us The Red Light Special.....


Jay Z & Kanye West Make A Buddy Video For “Otis”


Although they are having issues with their tour, Jay Z and Kanye West are dominating the thrown at the top of the charts.  "Watch The Thrown" had over a million pre-orders online and most importantly, the CD didn't leak!  The only let down seems to be the new video for "Otis" which just debuted.

I haven't seen a buddy team like this since Tango & Cash.  The highlight for me is a brief cameo by Aziz Ansari who stars in the movie "30 Minutes Or Less" which opens today.

I'm just not feeling the video.  I will not be funking it but dunking it.  What do you guys think of "Otis" by Kanye & Jay Z?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Sitting On The Dock Of The Hov


Kanye West Proves He’s No Scrooge As CD Hits Number 1

Kanye West & Selita Banks. Photo: GettyImages.com


Kanye West & Selita Banks. Photo: GettyImages.com

Kanye West & Selita Banks. Photo: GettyImages.com

On the eve of his CD outselling Nicki Minaj to debut number 1, Kanye West was not partying it up or going on a rant.  Nope, not Kanye.

He showed up to a charity event for foster kids unannounced in New York City, asked if he could help, and started wrapping presents.  It was the 8th Annual "New Yorkers for Children" and the event was it's "Wrap to Rap" event.  He did meet up with co-star of his music video "Runaway" Selita Banks to do the wrapping.

Kanye was asked why he did it and he told on-lookers that he believed it was for a good cause.  He wrapped the presents for a while and then snuck out the back without much fanfare.

I think it is completely cool he did that for foster kids.  I know some of you are going to say regardless of him showing up unannounced, he knew camera's would be there.  He had nothing to gain.  His CD was already going to debut at number 1 and we all know Kanye does what Kanye wants. 

I think it is cool regardless and pick up his new CD.  It is amazing.-Dr.FB