The Art of Prince

The poster from Prince's Monaco shows | Anthony Malzone
The poster from Prince's Monaco shows | Anthony Malzone

The poster from Prince's Monaco show | Anthony Malzone

We got word today of a new art show opening in San Francisco on December 9th. "Art of Prince" will feature works by Anthony Malzone, whose designs have been featured extensively on Prince's website, as well as the poster for Prince's August 2009 show in Monaco.

All of the prints in the show are limited-edition, numbered and signed by the artist. The show will be at the San Francisco Art Exchange in Union Square.

Anthony Malzone. Photo: LMUEDU.com

Anthony Malzone. Photo: LMUEDU.com

The exhibition opens December 9, with a public reception on December 11. Lotusflow3r members will be able to purchase Malzone's art at a discount.

I wonder if we'll see any of these designs on an upcoming DVD release? We'll update you if we hear more news. - Dr.FB

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  1. wow. Illustrator art over photos. Never seen that before…lol. Remember when Prince came with different looking stuff? The technique is ok, but it’s pretty meager as far as “art” goes.

  2. I wish I could attend, but even with a month in advance kinda pricey. I really wish I could see Malzpne artwork up close. Well can’t be a everything, but I would certainly try. I hope it does tour that would be so cool. :-)

  3. ….& so mr R Nelson enters the age of Cartoonism prominently…

  4. I liked the artwork from the shows that he did so to see it in a gallery is way cool. I’d love it to go on a nationwide tour cause I would go to it if it was here in NYC.

  5. This is gonna be cool. He does very nice artwork. Besides he makes the purple one look so cool on all the art. Malzone thank you for sharing with us your work. Thank Doc for informing us of this too.

    Smiles every1

    P.S. have a nice day!!

  6. Goodies to put on my naked walls. I hoping to get a few for the reasonable of $31.21…..please?

  7. Wow, nice opportunity to view the artwork and possibly add pieces to the collection. I love that poster.

  8. Prince, I love you so much!! I like the art work too. I wonder how much pieces like that poster are going for. I don’t know if I could afford it even with a discount. for the love of God please please don’t cut me off

  9. I’ve met Malzone and he is a very talented guy . Doc neither one of the guys im the pic u posted is Malzone

  10. Im game for some new music by Prince. but hell im not done with the Lotus flow3r jsut yet. Im still throbbing to Dreamer. :)

  11. A new album I would buy, even a new DVD, but not this artwork. Prince looks kind of creepy here. He gives me the Nora Desmond vibes. Sorry.

  12. cool thanx 4 sharing the info

  13. I hope some NEW Music or DVD comes our way soon….. the Lotusflower website has been kind of a let down thus far……..

    Musgrave – Chicago

  14. The DVD comment was my way of saying I would want some music or dvd news.

    In no way was it a hint of something to come. Just a…how you say…a suggestion is all. :)

  15. Art is great…..DVD is better……..lol

  16. Wow! ! all i saw was upcoming DVD release. Hope that is b4 the year ends. I need some xcitement here……..I like the Monaco one 2

  17. I LOVE the Monaco art and hope there’s some new designs. A new DVD sounds promising , bring on ‘The Grand Palais’.
    Pure class 😉

  18. Would love to see the artwork!!!

  19. Oh how I wish I could get me some of that fine art ..sigh..
    Thanks for sharing Doc

  20. I LIKE THE ARTWORK: it looks cool.

  21. upcoming dvd release ??
    don’t get me excited Doc 😉

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