[caption id="attachment_17081" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="The crowd at the opening of "Art of Prince""]The crowd at the opening of "Art of Prince"[/caption] On Friday night, the San Francisco Art Exchange hosted a reception for their latest exhibition, "Art of Prince", featuring the work of artist and designer Anthony Malzone. The show included seven pieces that have been used on Prince's website or for concert posters in Europe. Below are some pics from the event which was well attended and funky - local DJ's Bombhiphop were in the house spinning Prince tunes all nite. If you missed the live broadcast we did from the event, you can watch the archive of it here. Anthony gave us a great tour of his work and shared some nice tidbits about working with the purple one. And we talked to some fans who were having a good time at the party. So, what's your favorite piece of the seven that were on display? Not sure any are left to buy however. On Friday night, Anthony tweeted this: "Thank you to everyone who made it out/tuned in for the live stream.  One man purchased the entire collection!!!!!!!"- DrFB [caption id="attachment_17082" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="The SF Art Exchange. That's the Lotusflow3r print in the window."]The SF Art Exchange. That's the Lotusflow3r print in the window.[/caption]
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[caption id="attachment_16417" align="aligncenter" width="410" caption="Prince Art By Anthony Malzone. "]Prince Art By Anthony Malzone.  [/caption] We got an update from someone who called the gallery who will be hosting The Art of Prince event that will take place in San Francisco in early December. He even found out the price of the Prince prints.  Want to find out? Plus, we had the artist send us some exclusive info!  See me after the jump for the info.