Jennifer Lopez: “I Meant To Do That”

Jennifer Lopez.  Photo: GettyImages.com
Jennifer Lopez.  Photo: GettyImages.com

Jennifer Lopez. Photo: GettyImages.com

Here we go.  You know that whole Jennifer Lopez fell on her butt on the American Music Awards and it being edited?  Well, J. Lo is saying it was all part of the routine!

She called into Ryan Seacrest and said; "Did I trip a little bit?  I don’t even remember.  Yeah, I meant to do that.  That was part of the choreography.”

Oh brother.  It happens.  It has happened to a lot of people where things did not go the way it was planned.

It does seem Jennifer did kind of admit it may not have been planned later in the conversation.

“The measure of things isn’t what happens when you fall, it’s how you recover when you fall.  It was fun, it was really fun.  It was nice to be back on stage and doing my thing.”

It was great seeing you back on stage Jennifer.  Next time, can you pick a better song though?-Dr.FB

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  1. why just not admit it: JEN U FELL ON UR ASS!! routine?? my a$$!!

  2. LOL @ that pic! She knows she is heading for disaster

  3. I think her remarks afterward were rather “tongue-in-cheek.” She SAID it was part of her act, but her tone said it really wasn’t. She knows that everybody knows it was a misstep, but there was no need to defend it, so she sort of played it off. Her reaction was funny to me, just taken in stride. (Dumb song, but I liked seeing her dancing again.)

  4. I don’t buy it. That looked like an accident.

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