Timbaland Presents OneRepublic -Apologize

Timbaland’s “Shock Value II” is out December 8th and WHILE I WAIT for more than 15 seconds of the track with Drake, this track features OneRepublic on “Apologize” with Timbaland behind the board from Shock Value 1.

There. Is that better? :)-Dr.FB



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  • Audio Verite
    Posted at 15:55h, 27 November

    The DR. is back. Phew……. I had thought you lost it, glad to see you fixed this, what happened ninja? Did you just write that all wrong the first time or did you really think this was on the second album and never heard of this song before? If that’s the case, someone(me), needs to send you off a group of the coolest songs from the last two years to fill you in, so this won’t happen again!

    Email me if you want the music, after one listening you should be fine to post about music again without any worries. Love yah!

    Audio Verite

  • Audio Verite
    Posted at 12:35h, 27 November

    DR. are u ok? This is from the first Shock Value album, this song is hella old, great as it is.

    Dr. I don’t mean to be the one prescribing to you, but maybe you got some bad meat at Subway yesterday. I prescribe one listening of Shock Value one, then re-post a correction or take this down and pretend it never happened.

  • P. Nis
    Posted at 10:36h, 27 November

    Really old news…

  • thecat
    Posted at 10:26h, 27 November

    Wasn’t this song on ‘Shock Value I’ ? It was definately on the UK version.

    This song was huge in the UK when the first album came out.

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