It’s Time For Name That Mystery Blonde

It’s Time For Name That Mystery Blonde

Name That Blonde.  Photo:

Name That Blonde. Photo:

It’s time for another round of name that blonde.  This photo was taken after the celeb blonde was spotted grabbing a couple of drinks in London over the weekend.

One thing is for sure; the run in her stockings was definitly done on purpose. 

Can you name that blonde?  To find out go here >>>>

Lady Gaga Photo:

Lady Gaga Photo:

Lady Gaga.  Photo:

Lady Gaga. Photo:

It was Lady Gaga, who had a few drinks after her appearance on X Factor yesterday.  She is on quite a run lately.  Her hose could tell you that much.  You know the doc hates it when a pair of hose has to have a run or hole in it.  The Gaga is no exception.-Dr.FB




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