Carrie Is Back! Sex & The City 2 Trailer

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Carrie and the girls are back for "Sex & The City 2" and they are saying you haven't seen anything yet. Gotta love the song choice they used as well.

So, are you excited for "Sex & The City 2" or what?-Dr.FB

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  1. Sex and The City has a great storyline but now i watch Cougar Town~;*

  2. sarah jessica parker is definitely the best knonw character of sex and the city`;.

  3. Are they not going to change the cast of Sex and The City ? the girls in there are getting old already.,“

  4. i wast a fan of the series so i wasnt waiting 4 a movie ;0))

  5. I love Sex in the City. The series was fantastic. The movie…not so good. I’ll see the sequel, but I’m not expecting much. Please prove me wrong!

  6. i love sex in the city ….can’t wait to see it

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