Tyra Banks to Give Up Talk Show; Spend More Time Talking With Herself

Tyra Banks. Photo Courtesy The CW
Tyra Banks. Photo Courtesy The CW

Tyra Banks. Photo Courtesy The CW

Tyra Banks and her forehead announced that they are leaving her talk show at the end of the 2010 season.  It will be her 5th and final season.

She had her highs (the whole looking thicker in a bathing suit) and her lows (the whole fat suit thing was lame) and somewhere in between, while reportedly being cheap to her employees, she found a way to make it work. 

It does come as somewhat of a surprise because with Oprah leaving, it would have left a door open of possibilities for Tyra to take her show to that next level.  Well, if she could ever get over talking bout herself to everyone.  It seems her heart is with "America's Top Model" and other projects to keep her busy.

Personally, I will not miss the show as it was never my cup of green tea.  Maury Povich had more depth than Tyra.   Maybe if she fondled Katherine McPhee's breasts move often, we would have watched.

Others may miss Tyra and if you go HERE, you will see the top 10 clips of Tyra at her, um, weirdness.  Wendy Williams future looks much brighter now.

Did you watch Tyra and will you miss her?-Dr.FB

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  1. i have seen Tyra banks just last week and she is indeed a very tall lady-:’

  2. Tyra is a great tv show host and i love watching her TV show, i learn a lot from her show;`.

  3. I often watch the Tyra Banks show late in the afternoon. Great show and great host.:;`

  4. djeeez i saw the clips & i am glad they didnt air this here!! and if they still decide 2 do it i will skip it

  5. Doc,

    You said everything there is to say. Let Tyra and her forehead move along. I am not a hater, I am just over her. Tyra will be fine. She has worked her life out. Now, let her work it out someplace else.


  6. When Tyra’s show first started I watched it …but I got annoyed by how she seemed overly critical about guest looks and turned the interviews around to focus on her … Oprah does this sometimes also but with Oprah it is not as obvious as with Tyra … I wish her well with her next project.

  7. I like Tyra. I dont like Wendy Williams because her show is so ghetto!!

  8. The thought of “Tyra” and Oprah in the same sentence makes me want to vomit green bile…

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