Russell Brand Engaged To Katy Perry

Katy Perry & Russell Brand Attend Galliano Fashion Show. Photo: APimages.com/Thibault Camus

Attend Galliano Fashion Show. Photo: APimages.com/Thibault Camus

Well, the rumors are true.  Russell Brand proposed to Katy Perry while in India and she said yes. 

He confirmed the engagement with the Sun telling them "yes, it's true. Much love."  Man, we heard for months how he felt Katy was the one n he wants to marry her but to be honest, I thought it was all an act so he can keep shagging her and have a few lovelies on the side.

I am not hater because hate is too strong a word but I am a disliker of this for sure.

What do you guys tihnk of the engagement of Katy & Russell?-Dr.FB

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  1. What have you got against Russell? He is a lovely guy who is much more intelligent than most people see. Good luck to them, I hope they are very happy – Congratulations Russell and Katy :)

  2. Anyone can change, maybe it will work? I hope so for their sakes. Divorce is no picnic.

  3. I didnt think it would last but maybe we will all be proved wrong.

  4. I’m not feeling this either. I can totally see this ending in divorce and I don’t wish that on them. It just doesn’t look like this is a relationship that will last. Maybe they will prove us wrong Doc. Time will tell.

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