Marc Webb To Direct New Spider-Man Trilogy

Spider-Man. New Ways To Die. Art By John Romita Jr. Provided By

Spider-Man has found a new director and his favorite season may be summer.

Marc Webb, the director of “500 Days of Summer” will now be the director for Marvel Films successful franchise, Spider-Man.

Sony Pictures & Marvel Studios made the announcement on Tuesday.   The first movie is set to debut in 2012 and will feature a younger version of the Peter Parker character.

Webb had this to say when asked if he was taking over for Sam Rami’s Spider-Man; “No. I am looking for opportunity for ideas, stories and histories that will add a new dimension, canvas and creative voice to ‘Spider-Man.’ “

As a Spider-Man and comic book fan, I sure hope Webb does a great job.

Will you see a rebooted version of Spider-Man?-Dr.FB



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