Conan Blows $1.5 Million On Comedy Skit


Conan O'Brien is going after NBC and hitting them where it will hurt the most; in the wallet.

Conan O'Brien purchased the world's most expensive car and dressed it up as a mouse and The Rolling Stones song "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" play as the rights to the song are very expensive to use.  The total price tag of the gag?  1.5 Million.

Check the clip above.  Funny and expensive?  Or just expensive?-Dr.FB

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  1. Great blogpost, thanks a lot!

  2. I personally thought it was hilarious! Go team CoCo! :D

  3. Damn! Now THAT’s how you stick it to your boss! LOL

  4. expensive, therefore – funny.

  5. I haven’t kept up with the politics over conan and Leno but Conan’s got balls and he is funny. Perhaps he can come join the BBC now J Ross has buggered off

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