Video Premiere~ Mariah Carey Feat. Nicki Minjai Up Out My Face

Here is another video from Mariah Carey, this time featuring Nicki Minjai entitled "Up Out My Face."

What do you think? You want the song in your face or up out your face?-Dr.FB

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  1. This I Here By Declare Is Abomination.
    I seriouslyy caann’t unnderstanddd whhyyy sommee onne maybbe preggnant wouuldd bee doingg this.!
    I lovvee nicki froomm tthe boottomm oof myy heeart , buuut this wass a frickkinn’ a misstakkee. :)
    Always with love Lilly.

  2. Mariah darling, being 40 is not acting 20. Enough already. Either make and release an album that reflects ‘maturity’ or nothing at all. I’m so not impressed. Actually it’s an embarassment. It’s time 2 EVOLVE or RETIRE. Sorry, toots but listening 2 U now gives me heartburn and not butterflies. Chow.

  3. I don’t know how they can show their faces after this shit

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