Lady Gaga & Lindsay Lohan To Do Duet?

Lady Gaga & Lindsay Lohan
Lady Gaga & Lindsay Lohan

Gaga & Lohan. Photo: Misspredicto.com

Rodney Jerkins needs to give up this horrible dream.  I swear, no wonder he doesn't have hits like he used to.

The producer is wanting Lady Gaga to hook up musically with Lindsay Lohan.  Just because he had Beyonce and Gaga hook up for "Telephone" does not mean he could make it work with Lindsay Slowhands. 

This is just a bad bad romance idea.  I think I can rest easy because no way will Gaga agree to it.  Right?

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  1. lady gaga es muy feaaaaaaaa , linday lohan es muy bonita de chaosito

  2. Oh Lady Gaga. Such a great live show :)

  3. I think Lady Gaga is gorgeous. What an attractive woman! She is so damn beautiful and I love her style. I do not know how anyone can hate this woman!

  4. if the song would be as good as her the one she made with beyoncé she shouldn t bother

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