Springsteen Shows A NY Pub Who’s Boss

Bruce Springsteen

According to the NYDN, rocker Bruce Springsteen has filed a lawsuit against Connolly’s Pub & Restaurant in New York City for copyright infringement.

Back in August 2008, the suit alleges that the bar hosted a cover band who covered three of Springsteen’s songs – “Growin’ Up,” “Because the Night” and “You’re No Good”. There is also a co-plaintiff in the case, Clinton Ballard Jr., who co-wrote “You’re No Good”.

Venues that host live performances are supposed to pay an annual licensing fee to ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), which doles out royalties to artists when their songs are covered in live venues. Similar to how artists get paid when their songs gets played on the radio.

Apparently Connolly’s slacked off on getting their ASCAP license and could face fines of up to $30,000 for pissing off the Boss. The article says ASCAP has been after the bar for a couple of years now to pay what would amount to $2,700 a year for their ASCAP fee. Fees are on a sliding scale based on occupancy; the bigger the venue, the higher the fee.

What do you guys think? Kudos to Bruce for protecting artists’ rights? Or is be being petty? – Dr.FB



  • trev
    Posted at 20:43h, 04 February

    i think it’s only fair. The bar could have NOT done that just as well. It isn’t even a QUESTION if sports figures, lawyers, doctors or anyone else is legally wronged. But as soon as it is an artist people want to say how petty it is. I dare anyone to try making a living as a creative person and not be pissed when people flout the law and essentially steal your work for profit.

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