Kobe Bryant Lands On Cover Of GQ

Kobe Bryant. Photo: GQ Magazine
Kobe Bryant. Photo: GQ Magazine

Kobe Bryant. Photo: GQ Magazine

Kobe Bryant was still on the bench last night as the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Golden State Warriors and they still won their 4th in a row.

Kobe did land on the cover of GQ magazine, bandaged finger and all and was pretty candid about Shaquille O'Neil in the interview.

“The biggest mistake I made was responding to what he was saying about me,” Kobe tells the mag about his relationship with Shaq. “Once I responded, now that made it seem like I was part of that whole thing. It’s like, Okay, these two are against each other. As opposed to just staying quiet, which is what I’ve been doing the last few years. Let him say what he needs to say.”
Back to Shaq again.  Hmm.  We wonder if it might be Lakers versus Cavs in the finals this year.  Kobe and Lamar against Lebron n Shaq. 
Who you got?-Dr.FB

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  1. repeat of last years finals. magic v lakers. *

    * at current time, may change with trades.

  2. this dude is so hot! I dig u KB.

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