Video Premiere~ Mariah Carey “100%”

This is the new video of Mariah Carey "100%" mixed with Olympic footage. I like the words...the music, not so much. I like the footage as well.

I just really don't wanna put my "1's up" and it's definitely no "Hero" which to me is a better inspirational song.

What do you think of "100%" by Mariah? Do you want to put YOUR "1's up?"-Dr.FB

Comments (4)
  1. At least I can say Janet Jackson still delivers so far to my expectations and liking.

  2. Nope. Boring. Why are my usual artists disappointing me so lately? *Sigh* It’s a horrible world we live in now.

  3. Proof that songwriters with the caliber and quality of those that composed HERO simply are a thing of the past. What a contrast if you were to compare. There just isn’t any good songwriters and producers anymore. A shame but at least we got all the old music to fully enjoy in place of this crap.

  4. I am diggin this one…cant say much for the vid.

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