1. Chocolatsis65

    Thanx Doc
    That was a tease… LUURVE it of course
    People who love him, love him unconditionally and for those prize idiots that don’t know WHAT a fight song IS. It was never meant to be a “Jam of the year” it is what it is (a fight song) derrrr!! How easy u forget the plethora this brilliant man has given us for over 30 years. Oh and lets hear u play/sing 1 as amazing as he!

  2. dreamer2010

    Oh thank GAWD!!!! My ears won’t be bleeding tomorrow! That teaser was off the chain…I wonder how many strings he destroyed trying to get this song recorded…WHEW!

  3. Rafael

    His true fans understand where he is going I just did not like that “Fight’ song. Atrocious!!

  4. paradise nubien

    U do it P. Don’t let no one stand in ur way of making the kind of music U like.

    Ur true music friends will always understand where ur going. 🙂

    I like what I hear.

  5. LexAve456

    Well Fight Song this is NOT and thank God for that!!!!! I just hope that the rest of the song sounds as great as the few seconds I’ve heard. We shall see.

  6. LexAve456

    Fight Song this NOT!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! The liitle bit I’ve heard is HOT, I just hope the rest of the song is as hot.

  7. sounds promising. after that last song we heard, I think of Billy’s words after Apollonia 6 performed… “You better kick ass tomorrow or else!” Fingers crossed.

  8. CfromtheD

    Sounds great!! Looking forward to tomorrow AM.

    Thanks Doc and a question – Any news on Prince touring this year?

  9. Mrs.NELSON

    Damn, that sounds good! Can’t wait to hear the whole thing.

    Friday, pleeaasssse hurry up and get here!

  10. 1817

    i have to say, sounds like it-go-b sumin fun!!!! can i get a witness in here.

    thanks doc u rock!!!

  11. Controversy12

    Rock On PRINCE !!!! …. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing

    Thanks Doc ! … I like it.

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