Hugh Grant Offering Sandra Bullock Support

Hugh Grant & Sandra Bullock.
Hugh Grant & Sandra Bullock.

Hugh Grant & Sandra Bullock. Photo: TVGuide.com

They starred in a movie together a few years back, "Two Weeks Notice" and have remained close ever since.  With the news of Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James cheating on her, it is being reported that Hugh has been lending his ear to Sandra during this tough time.

"Hugh has been in London but every chance he gets, he has been talking with Sandra and offering her his support" says an insider.  It seems that she is talking to him about what to do with her 5 year marriage to Jesse.   He has offered to fly out to where she is if she needs him to be.

Also, a stupid report has come out that says with her being cheated on, it will actually help her career.  Ahh, yea, she just won the Oscar.  I really don't think she needed her husband to cheat on her in order for her career to take off.

As for Hugh, it's cool you are being there for her.  It's nice to hear someone is.  As for her leaving Jesse, that is up to her but I would be rather opinionated on it.

Do you think Sandra should stay?-Dr.FB

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  1. Hello, I like all your blogs, keep them coming.

  2. Who needs him. NEXT!!!!!!

  3. Sandra deserves more than Jesse..I did not think he was good enough and had class from the onset. She can fall in love again and have a deserving partner and not have to look over her shoulder in future…she gave so much with his children and all..been there, did that, he will never change. Move on honey and find a real true blue..your worth it.

  4. I don’t know their relationship, but if fidelity is crucial for her, which it would appear it is, I don’t think she should stay even if she loves him an he her. I believe that people who cheat will cheat again….

  5. In my opinion Sandra doesn’t have to take such disrespect. Do you see who he cheated with? Come on, trash goes with trash. Sandra gave it a good try, now girl, move on….. been there done that and I’m doing great! Be strong!

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