Stripper Says She Had An Affair With Jesse James

Melissa Smith.

Melissa Smith. Photo:

Here we go.  Another woman has stepped forward and said she had an affair with Jesse James. 

Melissa Smith is telling Star Magazine that she had an affair with Jesse in 2006.  Jesse hit her up through myspace, gave her his email address of VANILLA GORILLA (oh lord)  and started flirting with her and then eventually met and hooked up. 

Jesse flew her out to California and within a short time of meeting her, had sex with her on the couch of his office.  She talks of unprotected sex with Jesse and him taking photos of them doing stuff together.

It really seems when people cheat nowadays, it is more than one time.  We are hearing that there are more women that Jesse met through myspace and other places that are about to step forward, so expect the number to grow to more than 2.

What do you guys think of this as mistress #2 is now revealed?-Dr.FB

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