Are You Watching American Idol Or Dancing With The Stars?

Just a question for you all, as Dancing With The Stars beat American Idol in the ratings last night for the first time I believe. 

Is Casey Anthony Guilty?

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Let us know and thanks for participating.-Dr.FB

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  1. Started following when it got to about the last 4 & predicted Chris ;)

  2. Andrew needs more solid performances. You are right.

    BTW, did you pick adam or chris(?) last year?

  3. LOL! Ok, I really like Andrew but I think Casey & Crystal in the final. Crystal has got the edge over the others & will win.

  4. I shall start following the Idol. I’m in the UK, show#9 was on tonight so I’m going to watch now & later will let you know who will win ;)

  5. I thought about that b after I made it. :)

  6. You dont give an option for neither.

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