Video~Tony Romo Does “Sweet Child O’Mine”

Tony Romo jumped on stage with Steel Panther, an 80's rock cover band, in Dallas over the weekend. He performed "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns n Roses with the band.

This weekend, we enjoyed Tainted Love, an 80's cover band.   We have a feeling Tony Romo would like them too.  For now, enjoy Tony Romo belting out the G n R classic.

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  1. He could complete the overall look by doing the that unsexy snakehip swaying ankle kickin dance that made the song famous

  2. Thanks for the image Georgie! I am now completely mortified.

  3. LOL! Got to love 80’s cover bands, always a good night out.
    That took guts, but he should have at least dressed for the occasion in skin tights & Eau De BO to create the authentic vibe.

  4. I have never heard someone perform this song as badly as this before, are any other song for that matter.

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