Video~ Charice “Pyramid” W/Iyaz

We told you about Charice earlier this week and here is her latest video "Pyramid" featuring Iyaz.

If you dig the song, you can purchase it through I-Tunes.

Also, I went to send a special thank you to ChariceDiva.com who has been talking about us talking about Charice.  Thank you very much you guys for your support and we cannot wait for Charice's debut CD just like you!

Much Love and hope everyone enjoys "Pyramid" from Charice.-Dr.FB

Comments (5)
  1. LOVE this song! This is just the beginning for this incredibly awesome girl. TO THE TOP BABY!!!!!

  2. Precious things come in small package. Charice, a sweet, petite girl that will blow you away.Pyramid to the top. Awesome song.

  3. the best singer among the young artists nowadays! bar none!

  4. charice as an artist is a true performer…..a bomb when it comes to vocal range…… Pyramid is very cool…love to hear it especially the remix ……..

  5. impressive! Pyramid is freakin’ awesome!

    Go Charice!

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