Video~Tiger Woods Nike Commercial

A new Nike commercial featuring Tiger Woods has come out just in time for The Masters.

It features Tiger Woods' father talking over an image of Tiger.  Check it out above n let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

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  1. who would have thought that tiger woods is a womanizer too,`’

  2. Tiger Woods is great and golf and i guess she is also great in picking up women:~`

  3. Tiger Woods is a very good golfer but his reputation as a cheating husband made him a bad character.”.,

  4. Actually…the commercial is hypocritical….papa was a rolling stone too…what….you think Tiger just happened upon his slutty ways? please…like father like son… tiger took it to a new level like his daddy taught him too….way to go tiger! *roll eyes*

  5. well, guess I was wrong since the father’s words were taken from a documentary in 2004 and were not even about Tiger……….gotta love the media

  6. He’s standing there with that really stupid face, just makes me want to punch him in the mushkie

  7. As if Nike is telling us “oh, by the way…..Tiger’s father reprimanded him” and Nike forgives him. Therefore so should we. Imagine if a female golfer did the same thing. She would never be heard from again. Money talks. Bullshit walks.

  8. A little off if you ask me and slightly exploitive? Why would Nike run an ad that plays off his recent troubles? Strange and uncomfortable.

  9. Love Love Love for Tiger

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