Video~Tiger Woods Nike Commercial

A new Nike commercial featuring Tiger Woods has come out just in time for The Masters.

It features Tiger Woods' father talking over an image of Tiger.  Check it out above n let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


Tiger Woods Returns To Golf This Week

Tiger Woods. Photo: AP
Tiger Woods. Photo: AP

Tiger Woods. Photo: AP

Tiger Woods will return to golf this Thursday to play in The Masters and was in Augusta, GA yesterday to get in a some practice.

Tiger will join Fred Couples and a couple of other golfers for a practice round later today.  After that, he will attend a press conference. 

We are sure he is hoping the questions will stick to gold only, but for some reason, we don't see that happening.-Dr.FB


As Tiger Woods Announces Return To Golf, So Do Fans

Tiger Woods File Photo

Tiger Woods File Photo

As Tiger Woods announced his return to Golf and The Masters, ticket prices went through the roof even more than they were when it was just speculation that Tiger would return.

The tickets, which are normally $200 are going for about $2 grand in some circles. 

CBS, which carries The Masters is breathing a sigh of relief knowing that Tiger will be returning.  Golf coverage and ratings has been down since Tiger left and The Masters to CBS with Tiger Woods playing is like the NBA getting LeBron versus Kobe in the NBA Finals; ratings gold. 

Even golfers who behind the scenes may not care abot Tiger are sure glad he is back.  More cameras, more attention is a good thing for them.  It's not like Phil Mickelson was going to lay the verbal smackdown on Tiger anyway. 

Will you be rooting for Tiger at The Masters or rooting against him?-Dr.FB


Tiger Woods Is Out Of Rehab

Tiger Woods. File Photo

Tiger Woods. File Photo

Tiger Woods has left sex addiction rehab in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  We hear he is heading back to Florida with his wife Elin. 

This will be the first time Tiger Woods will be seeing his kids in over a month.  As we reported yesterday, Tiger and Elin will be taking a private trip together to work on their marriage.   After that, Tiger will be back for the Masters in golf in April.

Listen, you can say what you want about Tiger cheating with 16-18 women and yes, that is a lot.  At least he was a real man and tried to work on his marriage.  Going to sex rehab and most likely marriage counseling after this, he is trying.  That is huge.  Yes, he should not have cheated in the first place with even one girl.  I am not overlooking that at all. 

Myself?  I can't imagine getting married and then boning 16-18 girls outside the marriage.  I am a grown man and if I ever get married, I want my woman in at least in 369 different ways and different outfits.  Shoot, even when I am in a relationship without a ring, I am not going to cheat.  But if the woman is not giving "the sex", then we might have a problem.

It doesn't mean I am going to be picking up every cheap cocktail waitress this side of Los Angeles in Las Vegas.  It just means the relationship will be over.  A marriage with children is different.  Because, that would lead me back to my wife every time.  Every. Time.

So, do you think what Tiger did was commendable or was just to save face?-Dr.FB