Justin Bieber & Drake Perform “Baby”

Justin Bieber performed "Baby" with Drake last night at the Junos. Um...what's up with his voice? Is he pulling a Brady Bunch n hitting puberty? Oh-oh.

All you Bieber heads don't trip.  Ya know, in the past week, I have had a few people tell me they are scared of Bieber.  Like seriously scared.  Hmm.  We have to come up with a name for this and fast. 

For the time being, enjoy Justin hitting puberty performing at the Junos.

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  1. Justin Bieber is very talented for his age. He is also very famous and my kids love him. “.

  2. well, what else are kids gonna listen to while taking driver’s ed classes…………had no idea that Larry Graham is Drake’s uncle……….lol!

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