Old School Jam Of The Moment “Word Up” By Cameo

All the pretty ladies around the world, it's time for the old school jam of the moment and this time it's "Word Up" by Cameo.


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  1. Wave yer hands in the air like you don’t care! LOL.. love this

  2. ….it’s the code word, no matter where u say it u know that you’ll be heard.

  3. I think the Doc means old school as in old school period, not Cameo old school songs, so yes, Word Up would def be old school. I don’t know the other song so maybe it’s not old school, but just old, like you…. :)

  4. Oh YES!! OMG I Still LOVE.
    Thank you doc. (pretty lady enjoying. :-) )

  5. old school cameo would really b “Cameosis” not “Word Up”…right?

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