#FBF Flashback Friday “Word Up” By Cameo!

From the classic cameo by LeVar Burton with a megaphone, you know that "Word Up" by Cameo is going to be timeless. Well...the song at least!

I'm waiting for Chris Brown to start wearing the cod-piece that Larry Blackmon is wearing. Oh, you know it is coming!

"Word Up" was released on May 27th, 1986. It made it to number 6 on the Billboard Top 100 and to number one on what is now called the R&B Charts.

It was the band's first ever top 40 hit.-DocFB

Diagnosis: What better way to kick off your Friday night than with "Word Up" though? For real! Even sucker DJ's know that!


Old School Jam Of The Moment: Mark Morrison “Return Of The Mack”

The Old School Jam Of The Moment is "Return Of The Mack" by Mark Morrison. Mark was huge overseas but due to trouble with the law, he could not perform in the United States at the height of his success.

His vocal delivery was compared to Cameo's Larry Blackmon. The full 7 minute version still gets play in my Ipod, if in my car, or working out or.... wherever.

Hope you enjoy The Old School Jam Of The Moment.-DocFB


Old School Jam Of The Moment “Word Up” By Cameo

All the pretty ladies around the world, it's time for the old school jam of the moment and this time it's "Word Up" by Cameo.