Lady Gaga Does American Idol! (Unedited Performance)

Lady Gaga performed "Bad Romance" & "Alejandro" on American Idol. The performance was pretaped last week and Idol cut it down to under 5 minutes for last night.

Here is the full 6 minutes + for you. Hope you enjoy.-Dr.FB

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  1. all of the singers that joins American Idol have great talent but most of them are not born to be great ‘,;

  2. I really love Lady Gaga and hoped I could have seen her in the Toyota Center. Her costumes are amazing and she thoroughly rocks out.

  3. Watching American Idol gave me the perspective that ther are really lots of talented people out there.;*;

  4. I sincerely like Lady Gaga with her odd dresses nevertheless she really let herself down this time being seen out in see through undergarments.

  5. Super great stuff
    Love love love

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