Video: “The Donald” Proves His Hair Is Real

Well, well, well. It appears Donald Trump's hair is the real deal. Check out this video where Donald Trump (Mr. Trump if your nasty!) has his hair played with and even lifts it up to show it is the real mccoy.

Don't you love slow news days?-Dr.FB

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  1. Yeah, what he’s actually doing doesn’t even come close to proving that his hair is real. Anyone wearing a regular toupee could do that exact same thing and it would be very diffcult to tell.

  2. This is a JOKE…. there is no proper test in the video…
    Fake, fake, fake..

  3. She said something like she had never doubted it…OMFG what a lying bitch!
    But if you had to do a syrup you would anyone do a ginger one? I think it must be real

  4. She didn’t really touch it or pull it enough to prove it was his hair to me. Not like when Oprah proved she didn’t have a weave. When she had Chris Rock pull and run his fingers through her beautiful real hair..

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