Breaking: Ronnie James Dio Of Black Sabbath Dies

Ronnie James Dio. File Photo
Ronnie James Dio. File Photo

Ronnie James Dio. File Photo

I got the call about 4 hours ago that Ronnie James Dio has passed away.  I was asked to wait on reporting it til most close family and friends were told.

Dio, 67 had been battling stomach cancer and it was even reported earlier today that he was beating it. 

His wife last night denied his death but announcement was made this morning that he did die. 

I was told last night to hold off on the announcement of his death til more family was told.  About 3-4 hours. 

After Wendy Dio’s message late last night that he was still alive, I took it to mean that not all family was aware of his passing and locked comments.

I was trying to get the word out of a legend passing but his fans thought I was lying when i was stating the truth.

Regardless, Ronnie James Dio, you will be missed.-Dr.FB




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  3. Damian Aguayo

    I can’t believe it, DIO dead? fuckin’ day =(
    desde chile, DIO siempre estaras vivo en mi corazon porque fuiste y seras un grande

  4. Hmmm

    Ronnie’s wife issued this statement to

    “I am at the hospital and Ronnie has NOT passed away!!!! He is not doing
    good, but he is not dead.

    “I will let you know if anything changes.

    “Thank you for your concern.”

  5. vincey'spa

    so very sad to see you go bro, but I know when you get there ohhhh so many will be so happy to see you… you were a inspiration to oh so many gone but never ever forgotten

  6. Kera

    It took FOREVER for CNN to confirm Michael Jackson was dead. The fact that his official page is down and the fan sites are silent, says something is up or else they would be dening it ASAP.

    Hiw wife took a few days to confirm last October when he had the stomach cancer. Hopefully, there will be a statement sometime tomorrow.

    For those just finding out about the site for the first time, the doc has broken a lot of deaths before and other music news outside of the metal genre. I am surprised this site floats under the radar because he is like a 1 man TMZ a majority of the time.

  7. Chad

    4 the 5 W’s Who, What, When & Where did you hear this? No CNN or any other official source
    has confirmed. Please let this be a cruel joke. Not even the The Official Ronnie James Dio Fan Page
    on facebook, or Support for Ronnie James Dio cancer page, Heaven & Hell official page.

  8. Cassandra

    OMG! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! This can’t happen! I’m completely devastated, the metal world is devastated this better be all over the news! You’ll be missed, my condolences for the family, metal family, and friends. Whereever you reside now Heaven and/Hell. We will always remember the legacy you left behind. Thank you a billion for Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and Dio. Your imprint on metal is surely there. RIP \\m//

  9. I don’t even know where to begin here, I’m still in a bit of shock after seeing this post. I have loved Dio and anyother projects he has been in over his 60 years of gracing us with his METAL voice! Dio’s music has inspired me for many many years and will continue until its my time. I LOVE YOU BRO!!!! You’re going to be missed by SOOO many! you will always remain in my Blackened heart till I die….I’m just in total shock here and will be really depressed for a bit over this. Ronnie, you brought us some of the most influencial music of all time and started the sign of the horns:::which I shall forever give you my friend,and you will be the Rainbow in the Dark forever! we all LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!! I just hope you didn’t suffer man.
    You and your music will remain an icon of metal/Rock in my life forever! May you Rest in peace!

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