Local News Gets Parking Tickets Live On Air

This is straight REDONKULOUS!  Local news channel KTLA reporter Gayle Anderson kept getting ticket after parking ticket while live on air doing a segment on cars when they ALREADY paid for parking.

Watch as the officer live on camera writes ticket after ticket and tries to explain they are on live TV and paid for parking.  The officer doesn't wanna hear it.

Oh, I so want a follow up on this!  Check it out above.-Dr.FB

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  1. WTF!!!!!! I can’t believe this lady cop. I hope she is publicly shamed. I would have done my best to humiliate her on camera.

  2. LOL!! HAHA! Were they at Point Mugu?! ‘Cause they’re ticket writing fiends over there! They’re crazy! I wanna know the outcome as well! Keep us updated Doc!

  3. Huh WTF!! Oh.. I want to know how this thing ended myself. Anyone know?
    The “officer” (rolleyes) is ticket writing happy ..

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