Lifehouse & Drfunkenberry IPod Touch Giveaway Contest!


Lifehouse and Dr.Funkenberry are giving away an 32 GB Ipod touch with the entire Lifehouse catalog on it. 

To enter the contest, just go HERE!!!!!!!!

This contest is open for U.S. Residents ONLY now.

Good luck and thanks for your support of Lifehouse and the site!-Dr.FB

Comments (5)
  1. Damn, I love your articles!

  2. Aww I want one too :(

  3. It was open last night when I tested it out. No longer open.

    My apologies.

  4. Open for everyone world-wide?

    When entering I stumbled upon the following message:
    Sorry, you are not a US resident and can not enter. Read the rules for more details.

  5. WOW … Cool giveaway Doc !!

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