Adam Lambert Loses The Make-Up But Keeps The Guyliner

Adam Lambert. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Adam Lambert. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Adam Lambert. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Adam Lambert did a meet and greet with fans in Washington, D.C. after a show and took off his make-up but let the guy liner on but very lightly. 

He was in good spirits and we are told he signed autographs for everyone and was super friendly with everyone. 

Cool things like this are planned for the fans.  Nice to see Adam without make-up isn't it?-Dr.FB

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  1. Fat Gay!!!!! ♥♥ ahahahhhaha i love he!!!!!!!

  2. I like that you can see all his freckles from being a ginger… 🙂

  3. I love ALL of his looks, he looks wonderful glammed up or not, although it is nice to see him so fresh-faced here. He’s beautiful and I think his skin looks good, too. I hope he remembers to always use sunscreen, as sun is the major cause of aging for anyone.

  4. Not 2 b mean but this would make a good Proactive before picture….

  5. Wow! So guy next door! Isn’t it funny how the stars look all glam on stage with their costumes and then when they take it all off and try to be normal, you can still see their greatness. Even without make up and big hair and guyliner you know there is something special about this guy. He just glows…or should I say glitters. Go Adam Lambert. Love his voice, love his act(s), love his dancing and style.

  6. He looks about 18, and those lip freckles? TO…..DIE……FOR!!! I love this look on him, needless to say.

  7. I hope the DC fans realize how lucky they are. This is the first concert he has come out to meet his fans since the Glam Nation tour started. I’ve been to 3 shows so far and have yet to see him. I’m going to 9 more concerts across the country and hope my chance to meet him will come. Each venue gets better and better and I’m so grateful to be able to be a part of seeing his career take off. His show is awesome and he is simply the best inside and out. His tour is kinda like potato chips….. one show and you want more.

  8. Adam is so gorgeous….with or without make up…doesn’t matter, this man is amazing!!! I love him very much and I hope someday to be able to see an Adam’s concert in my country ( I live in Brazil ) :333 We love him here!! He’ has such an spetcular voice and stage presence…I never saw someone like him!!

  9. Adam Lambert is ALWAYS so adorable. What a great treat for his DC fans. Wow!

  10. I want to go to two meet and greets , one with him wearing makeup and one with only guyliner. O.K. I will settle for one or the other. He will look good either way. A girl can get selfish once in a while. Thanks for the happy picture of Adam Dr. FB.

  11. Adam Is Glam even without the “Glam”. (He is so sweet & charming au naturel …IS’NT HE ?!!!)
    I really thought that Adam Lambert would be the “Darling” of abc. But he is now the “Darling of all us FANS!!!!!!! HOW LUCKY WE ARE !!!!

  12. He’s just a beautiful beautiful man.

  13. He looks great with or without make up. His inner beauty, out of this world voice and showmanship is what really counts at the end. I’m glad he felt comfortable enough to be without it during the meet and greet. I already watched all movies from DC concert and can say he really seemed loosened up and had a lot of fun himself. I love seeing him happy.

  14. Oh, Adam is so gorgeous!!! It’s cool to see him without makeup – I love this pic – thanks for sharing. 😉

  15. What a cutie, looks like the guy next door. Love that smile!

  16. Adam doesn’t need to wear makeup to be gorgeous. He is beautiful all of the time no matter what he wears. The makeup is just for fun. He is a spectacular entertainer who likes to surprise people. He is never boring. I adore him!

  17. Nice … He looks good without all of the make-up.

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