Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” Has A New Record On Lock!~

Katy Perry Promotional Photo

Katy Perry Promotional Photo

Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” has broken the number of spins in one week on top 40 radio stations. 

On the BDS and MediaBase charts, the song was played 13,000 times in one week.  That is pretty amazing……if radio would play more than 10 songs on their format.

It’s true, but Katy’s record is impressive and it’s one less record that Lady Gaga has.  The song was played at least 13 times a day on each station with a total of 90+ spins a week. 

“Katy has set records and turned radio upside down,” says Greg Thompson, executive vice-president for promotion at Capitol Records. “This track has broken all-time spins records, and achieved massive Hot 100 audience numbers of historic proportion.”

We knew it was going to be the summer anthem but summer has just started!  It has already been number one on I-Tunes for 8 straight weeks.

Teenage Dream, Katy’s next CD, drops on August 24th and I can’t wait.  Because I can hear more than “California Gurls” 13,000 times in one week! 

Congrats, Katy!  We love ya.-Dr.FB



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