Teenage Dream

Ashton Kutcher Already The “Highest Paid” Actor On TV?

Cast Of 2 And A Half Men Promo Poster. Photo: Warner Bros. Television

Ashton Kutcher is winning the cast, workers and producers of the shows over.  After just one episode, Kutcher is getting a pay raise for “2 And A Half Men” replacing Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen was the highest paid actor on Television, pulling in a cool $1.25 million per episode and with back-end money, was getting close […]

Exclusive! Glee Performs “Teenage Dream” By Katy Perry! Watch Now!

We love Katy Perry (even if the new CD isn’t all that) and we love Glee. Put them together and you have a rather cool version of Katy’s “Teenage Dream” that we have just for you. It is from the episode “Never Been Kissed” and will air this Tuesday November 9th on Fox. But we […]

Video: Katy Perry Gets “Hot N Cold” With Elmo!

This seems kind of old to me but it was just put out yesterday. The short hair n Katy’s make-up is a hint on this Sesame Street video. Check out this version of “Hot N Cold” with Katy Perry and Elmo. I am still digging her last CD over “Teenage Dream” but maybe it will […]

Jersey Shore “Teenage Dream” Snooki Version

Is there a better parody of this Katy Perry song?  There were great ones for “California Girls” but the ones for “Teenage Dream” are lacking. Oh well.  This one can’t be so bad, right?  I mean they go after Snooki and the Jersey Shore.  Sigh.  They both own a moment of pop culture forever.  That’s […]

Katy Perry Compares New CD To Old One

Check out Katy Perry above try to compare her latest CD “Teenage Dream” to “One Of The Boys” her first break out CD. Does she sound convincing?-Dr.FB