Prince Plays New Morning In Paris

Prince playing a concert ar Arras in France, July 12

Prince playing a concert ar Arras in France, July 12

Prince, a.k.a. the purple yoda, is chilling at Erykah Badu's show right now in Paris. Then he'll be heading over to The New Morning Club for his own show late tonight, July 22nd. 

So if you're in Paris, get ready for the funk! Oh and yes, we hear Erykah will be joining Prince for his show, so expect some mad collaborations.

Party on purple people - Dr.FB

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  1. @Isabell : I understand what you mean, you are feeling betrayed. But we don’t know since when the New Morning show was scheduled. I mean, we just had the confirmation on the same day, but there was a rumor for quite some time. And the show was on the day the Courrier International came out with 20ten so I guess it was prepared. With luck, he will do something for the people in Geneva too… Of course, that will not give the train, hotel, etc. money back to you all. I know of several persons that were at the New Morning who were to be at the Geneva show that are in your situation. But do you really think it’s Prince fault ? I think it’s the promoter’s fault. But I am still very sorry for you… And I imagine it’s not so much about the money but about the fact that you can not see him live after having expected the Geneva show for a long time. Maybe some of you can join us in Nice ? I have a feeling it’s going to be BIG. Prince is at his very best right now !!!!! And you can only imagine what Prince beeing at his best means 🙂

    @Rasp_Berry : sent you an invitation on fb

  2. Nope, I will never be able to get my money back: plane tickets, hotel… no, never… Why is Aurora angry? Because Prince should have done in Geneva what he did at Le New Morning in Paris instead. Plenty of fans are stranded in Geneva because of the cancellation. To my knowledge, there were no stranded fans in Paris. So, as you say, Chocolatsis65, he could have worked only in Geneva rather than in Paris last night. Just sayin’!!!!

  3. aurora, Prince isn’t so much partying as he working……. he loves what he does which is why we love watching him so much…..and how come no body ever gets mad at the promoter or Venue or who ever the dipute was with. I mean its a job, stuff happens, you will be able to get ur $ back or tickets to another one I’m sure, but I’m sorry I know I would feel very disappointed 2, but its not his fault.

  4. How wonderful……Prince partying in Paris……..and I am stuck in boring Geneva……how considerate……..shame….

  5. Sooooo sad i couldn’t be there !

    But great to hear and see all of the feeds from Paris 🙂

    @ B from France; super you where there!!!!!
    you can email me, i registered on the site

  6. WOW … Thanks to Dr. Funkenberry Zbparis11 & B from France for posting … I wish I could have been there .

    PEACE O( >

  7. We were there too. Waited outside the New Morning from 10.30 PM to 2 AM, but SOOOOOOOOOO worth it !! Prince was in top form. So was the audience. Everything that Zbparis11 said is true, but it’s impossible to tell how great the show was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prince in top form, smiling , teasing the crowd, etc. He also played bass. And Shelby was great too, as the rest of the band !!! He’s even more than a king, a god !!! Can’t wait 4 Nice on sunday. Again, Dr, Thank you for your posts. We are hoping for an aftershow in Nice and hope to find the info on your site. Well, now it’s 7.20 AM, got to get ready for work 🙁

  8. Just came back. Show started by 2:35 AM, finished at 06:15 AM. This guy is crazy, so many encores, he finally said “til the sun comes up” which turned to be true, it was daylight as we left the place. What else: the last living musical freak in a mythical place. Great set with rare live songs such as Beautiful Strange, I Love U but I Don’t Trust U Anymore, Dreamer, at last complete (not just snippets) version of Kiss and Cream. Our guy was mad as the crowd sang all lyrics when he played keyboards (xcept for Still Waiting when audience missed some lyrics). Prince, playful, smiling as neverseen before, funny when imitating Keith Richards during the Miss You cover…. Morris showed me at the end on a sheet the initial setlist: we should have had Judas Smile, Empty Room… Aaaargh. Anyway, let’s not ask for way too much, Paris was on his knees 2nite, Prince is King.

  9. I want to know blow by blow what happens at the concert…I would like to see a video if possible????

  10. Ahh, the other King other than Elvis, prince. This picture of him is great, classic Prince. These tickets would be crazy expensive. He did perform at the Superbowl to the commenter above.

  11. And the people who bought tickets for the cancelled Geneve show tonight were flown in on Purple Yoda´s bill I suppose?

    Prince gives us a crash course on how to alienate 6,000 fans in a day.

  12. Jimmy page is recording a new solo album with Special Guests…… PRINCE drop by would ya???

  13. PRINCE hasn’t performed at LE NEW MONING since 1987!! A LONG gap.

  14. Why haven’t there been anymore news on the US release of 20TEN YE dR. FB.?

  15. … first day back at work….. 3h drive to Paris, just saw the news…. :(:(:(:(:(
    Soooooo sad not to be there! Erykah Badu rocks tooooo
    Have fun all you lucky peeps that get in !!!!!

  16. TNX Doc, for the news. Of course, we’re going. Well, if we can get in… 500 seats only at the New Morning. I’m on my way right now, but not too hopeful. Love from Paris.

    thx for info anyway DOC ur still my sweetypie!!

  18. Top o’ the morning to ya !

  19. Man I’m jealous of the Parisians! I would LOVE to see Prince and Erykah together on stage. You just KNOW it’s going to be FOOONKAY! I can’t wait for the reports from the show!

  20. The Purple Yoda seems like is having a good time on tour Everybody loves him. Love Mz. Badu….& love 20TEN can’t stop listening 2 it……

  21. What happened 2 a nice tourschedule published on Internet. Luckily I’ve seen the purple Yoda already in France & Belgium

  22. thanks Doc for keeping us purple peeps in the loop….

  23. cool thanx 4 sharing the info

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