Democratic New York Rep Has Backbone; Goes Off!

I am loving this.   First of all, it's a rarity to see a Democrat with a back bone.  2nd, it involves  9/11 and I thought Republicans trademarked 9/11 a long time ago.

Check out the clip above as Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner goes off about 9/11 medical care and responders and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

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  1. They’ve been playing that clip left and right here in NYC and its for good reason. What Congress did last week was apalling and did such a disservice to the men and women that cleaned up the WTC area around 9/11 because they really need all the help they can get for what they’ve been through. Thank God for people like Rep. Weiner for standing up for those workers. I have a bit more respect for him now than I did before.

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