Video Premiere: Chromeo “Don’t Turn The Lights On” Funk It Or Dunk It?

I am sooooo loving this!  It has 80's funk and new wave all over it.  Hard to believe this song is new.

"Don't Turn The Lights On" is the latest song from Chromeo and I will be surprised if you don't like this jam.  It is from the upcoming CD "Business Casual" and should be hot as well.

So.....Funk it or Dunk it?

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  1. “Don’t turn the lights on” ..
    Good stuff. Thanks for posting Doc
    Funk IT

  2. I see what u r saying but really think the video is just ok. Its like not a parody enough. hate the fundamentalist beards on these guys. ew

  3. You’re Right.

    It does have an older 80’s sound.

    I Like it.

    Musgrave – Chicago

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