Video Premiere: Ke$ha’s “Take It Off” Makes Us Want Her To Put It On!

Argh! I want to hate it. I really want to hate it. I even liked "Your Love Is My Drug" but I still am going with my instinct that Ke$ha may be a 1 hit wonder.

We just can't understand how someone can afford to have a $ sign in their name in this economy is all.

"Take It Off" is the latest video from the artist formerly known as Kesha.  What really matters is what you think.  So...do you want to "take it off" or "put it on" right now?-Dr.FB

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  1. I really dont like this girl. she’s just white trash….dont take it off and throw this sh!t out!

  2. “take it off” or “put it on” right now?-==>Answer: throw it out!

  3. yuk hate it..

  4. As long as there are young people who think it Smirnoff Ice and Red Bull are the bomb diggity, she will always have a job.

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