Ke$ha Talks About Her Bi-Sexuality & Bullying

Ke$ha, dealing with bad album sales and the “controversy” surrounding her song “Dying Young” is trying to bounce back by talking about getting it on with guys and girls. Hey, it’s worked for Madonna! In the new issue of Seventeen Magazine, Ke$ha talks about bisexuality and bullying. “I don’t love just men. I love people. […]

Ke$ha Heats Up Vibe & Talks New Album “Warrior”

Looking at Ke$ha’s Vibe Spread makes me think there might be something to her doing Yoga in the nude regiment. Her new album “Warrior” is set for release in December so she decided to do a rather hot photo layout for Vibe. I will say she is wearing a rather lot of make up but […]

Drfunkenberry & The LMFAO Shufflebot Have A Dance Off!

The Doc & The LMFAO Shufflebot.

Drfunkenberry hung out with the LMFAO Shufflebot after their show recently with Kesha. Did a dance off ensue?  Did the Shufflebot lose his box?  Did the Doc lose his jacket n get on down? Who has the video?-DocFB Diagnosis:  Everyday I’m Shufflin’

Top Searches For For 04/14/11

Top searches bringing people to for 04/14/11: 1.  Lady Gaga 2.  Chris Brown 3.  What Did Kobe Bryant Say 4.  Dr.Funkenberry (That’s me!) 5.  Prince 6.  Sofia Vergara 7.  Kesha 8.  Coco 9.  Kelly Brook -Dr.FB