Kanye West Gives Us “Power” In A “Painting”

"Power" by Kanye West is the latest song by the artist and don't call what you are watching a video. Kanye is taking his art seriously and calling this piece a "painting" coming to life.

What do you think of it? The video.....whoops "painting" has already 4 million views on YouTube and is proving my point that Twitter might be dying out. How can you explain that Kanye has a little over 500,000 followers on Twitter in 2 weeks and n a matter of days his latest offering has 4 million + views?

So I do ask what do you tihnk of it?-Dr.FB

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  1. Umm….Thats easily explained. First, a lot of people don’t want to hear Kanye TALK because he’s a butthole, but the do like his art/music. Second, you only read a Twitter post once, but you generally watch a music video multiple times, not to mention those that are just curious about the video because its getting blogged about all over the place.

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