Cirque du Soleil Still Planning On Doing 2 Michael Jackson Shows

Michael Jackson File Photo

Michael Jackson File Photo

Cirque du Soleil is still planning on doing not 1 but 2 shows to late the Michael Jackson's music in the future. 

There are talks with nothing signed yet and it has been discussed for almost a year now.  Most likely, the hold up is the Estate has yet to sign up for it and if they will tour or set up shop in Las Vegas.

Would you see a Cirque Du Soleil show(s) set to MJ's music?-Dr.FB

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  1. I love Cirque!And if they had the show near me I would definately love to go.I would also still like to see them work something out with the purple 1 😉

  2. ^^ Also rumours are the reason for 2 shows is one is a touring show – the other will be a residency show. With tickets to go on sale on Nov 3.

  3. Yes – if it is like the Beatle’s LOVE show which reinvented the music and told a larger story.

    If it’s like the ELVIS show – then its going to be tragic.

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