Michael Jackson Estate

Michael Jackson Cirque De Soleil Posters Revealed!

Michael Jackson Immortal. Photo: Cirque De Soleil

Here are the first promotional images of Michael Jackson Immortal by Cirque De Soleil, which was released to the media this morning. The production is written and directed by Jamie King and will start touring in October 2011 and end up in Las Vegas before the end of 2012. The Michael Jackson Estate and Katherine […]

Cirque du Soleil Still Planning On Doing 2 Michael Jackson Shows

Cirque du Soleil is still planning on doing not 1 but 2 shows to late the Michael Jackson’s music in the future.  There are talks with nothing signed yet and it has been discussed for almost a year now.  Most likely, the hold up is the Estate has yet to sign up for it and […]

Coming To A Theatre Near You; “Thriller” The Movie

The day after it was announced that Michael Jackson made $275 million after his death, it looks like they found a way to make another quarter of a billion dollars; make a movie out of “Thriller” from MJ. There is a bidding war for the movie and Kenny Ortega, the man behind “This Is It” […]

Michael Jackson Estate Makes Close To $800 Million Since His Passing

Almost a billion dollars.  Wow.  Well, he went from rumors of being deeply in debt to making almost $800 million dollars in 1 year.  The movie “This Is It” made over $260 million dollars while his DVD’s and CD’s were flying off of record shelves, selling just under 9 million on catalog CD sales, which […]

What’s Up Doc? The Week In Review 3/19

For your listening and viewing pleasure, here is the week that was in Entertainment with Dr.Funkenberry. We touch on Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson’s $250 million dollar deal, and Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James cheating on her. Props to Lenny Kravitz, Orianthi, and YOU are on there as well. For those that will ask, yes that […]