Prince Gifts One Lucky Fan With His Guitar


Last Saturday night, Prince rocked New York City with his first of three shows at Madison Square Garden. The Garden was sold out and the roof about flew off with all the funk in the building.

During the concert, Prince finished a song ("Baby I'm A Star" if I recall?) and handed his trademark Hohner leopard guitar down into the VIP section. One lucky fan got his hands on it and posed for the picture above.

I was not in the VIP section but vividly remember watching this moment happen from above. Prince has handed off guitars into an audience before, but never at a large arena show and very rarely it is his treasured Hohner which he's been funking on since Dirty Mind. How lucky was that fan that an official photographer was right there to capture the moment??

Did the fan give it back? Oh yeah, we saw the guitar later in the show, back on Prince where it belongs.

Prince has two more shows at Madison Square Garden on December 29 and January 18, 2011. If you're in NY, don't miss it! - Dr.FB

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  1. Thank you for sharing good pix!

    We went there from Japan!!!
    He always inspired us very much. It took long time to reach NJ & NYC…but we do not care, cuz PRINCE is sooooooo coooooool!!!
    He is awesome. No words to describe how much we love PRINCE!
    In every moment, every song, every dance…we feel true spirit inside out from PRINCE.
    Thank you PRINCE!
    PLS come to JAPAN next year.

  2. Look closely behind the guy holding the guitar. Josh and Cora Dunham are in the back and so is Larry Graham.

  3. What a fantastic picture! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. That’s awesome… does prince only have one hohner or multiple.

    Cool to see Larry Graham in the pic enjoying the show in the VIP as well

  5. =) I’ll be there Jan. 18th!! Sittng in VIP – SECTION K ROW F SEAT 5… holla! Throughout all of the 5 nights that I’ve attended (with 3 attended & 2 coming up) this will be the 1st time that I’ll be sitting that close to this fabulous stage =). Looking forward to meeting some new people @ the concert =) Heck I might even run into some fellow salseros too ya just never know lol!

    By the way, anyone also buying VIP tix…you have to trek over to MSG’s “WILL CALL” window to pick up your tix. And yes you can do it wayyyy before the concert date. I bought mine yesterday morning, and that same afternoon, I picked up my tix. Just make sure that you have the credit card u paid with for the tix along with your Photo ID (State ID Card, Driver’s License, etc).

  6. i catched his hohner in Antwerp last month 😉
    held it for like 20 seconds .. best seconds of my life :p

  7. Wow, _very_ cool picture, especially with his gorgeous girlfriend all smiles and hanging around his neck. Super cool. I wonder whether he realized he would have to give that guitar back a few moments later.

    Prince has a couple of these guitars if I’m not mistaken?

    Back in somewhere around 1990 I bought one of these Hohners as well. The same model, but the tortoise shell piece on the body looked slightly different — that model was called The Prinz by then. Back then easy to come by for little money, but really a great sounding guitar :-)


  8. January 18 …….. who’s coming??? 😉


  9. @V2P, Nice toss!! I guess we were near ……

    January 18 …….. who’s coming??? 😉


  10. Yo I was afraid that he gave it away forever lolol!!! I was like “what?!? this is THE SAME GUITAR he’s had since the earlier years, he can’t totally give it away 4 real 4 real!!!” lol! But then when I read that he got it back I took a sigh of relief :0P. Yeah if I’m not mistaken, this is the guitar that he found in some shop a longggggg time ago, and I think he asked the owner of the shop if he could have it, and the owner said “yeah” and I think Prince paid like up to only $30 for it. That guitar has been with him ever since.

    Now this photo is AWESOME! He was lucky to have one of the professional photographers take his pic. Love his pose, its like he’s saying “SCOREEEEE!” lol! Its an awesome picture that’s for sure, his expression says it all. =)

    If that happened to me, I would be ready to give it right back, that’s real talk =) I have a few instruments of my own so I know how it is =)

  11. He throw me the guitar in Nice (25 july 2010) just after I had been jumping up and down on the song Guitar. The audioence was far from the stage (6 meters at least). He looked at me right in the eyes, did a move as if he was going to throw it, but I had been to the Arras show and I did that also and then didn’t throw it telling the audience you’re crazy, so this time I kind of said “yes throw it” with my head ! :-) And He did, OMG. Right in my arms. Great shot !

  12. Recon that six string knows where it belongs – what is the flag song Shelby?

  13. I have seen Prince hand off other guitars but not the Hohner . . . Too cool . . . Love ya Prince

  14. I don’t know if I would’ve given P his guitar back … Security would had to have been REAL close to me when I got it … LoL

  15. He handed that guitar to me and my friend at empire ballroom in las vegas….we were sitting there holding it saying oh my god oh my god over and over. Lol

  16. That guy should frame that pic surrounded by pics of Prince playing that guitar thoughout his career. If that thing could talk… man.

  17. “Prince has handed off guitars into an audience before, but never at a large arena show and very rarely it is his treasured Hohner which he’s been funking on since Dirty Mind.”

    Oh yes, he did before:
    Prince gave his guitar away in Holland 18nov.
    It was a concert in a 30.000capacity arena (almost sold out)

  18. I had forgotten about that! I was pretty shocked to see P hand the guitar over to the VIP crowd (I was sitting just beyond the velvet rope adjacent to where the hand-off took place) and not toss it in the air to his guitar tech (also pretty scary to watch!) as he had done before. But seconds later, a stage hand came racing around the corner to reclaim the instrument. Oh well–no souvenir. But pretty freakin cool just the same!

  19. I probably wouldn’t let it go either! [LETITGO!]

  20. I was lucky enough to hold his guitar at some gigs Prince did here in LA. I felt that Purple energy. But some people wouldn’t let it go and had to be forced away

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