EXCLUSIVE Photos: Prince Rocks New York’s Madison Square Garden

Prince. Photo Courtesy of NPG Records For Use By Dr.Funkenberry.com

Prince at Madison Square Garden, NYC. Dec 29 | Copyright NPG Records 2010

Prince once again rocked Madison Square Garden last night with the fourth of his Welcome 2 America shows. These exclusive photos landed in our inbox just now - thanks to the purple one for sharing them. Hot, no?

Last night's openers were ol' skool band Mint Condition and the funkified Janelle Monae (who also joined Prince on stage for "If I Was Your Girlfriend" during his set). Rolling Stone had this to say about Prince's high-energy, hit-packed, sold-out show: "Such is the power of Prince: With songs as funky and fresh as that, the party doesn't ever stop." (full RS review here).

Were you at the show? Was it as funky as these pics??? -Dr.FB

Prince at Madison Square Garden, NYC. Dec. 29 | Copyright NPG Records 2010

NPG bass player Ida Nielsen at Madison Square Garden, Dec. 29 | Copyright NPG Records 2010

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  1. This show was Amazing .. !!

  2. The show on 12/29/10 at MSG was “off the hook”. Prince blew the MSG audience away, especially with his rendition of “Question of U”. Totally awesome…and then some!!!!!!

  3. Your royal badness, pls tell us what’s next after January… we are eager and hungry for more funK!!!

  4. Great show indeed. My $50 seats were excellent too! I wonder why “welcome 2 america ” was notplayed. Too realistic for the casual Purple Rain fan I guess?

  5. Thanks for the pics doc.. He looks great as usual and it sounds like the show was really off the chain!!
    Thanks for ur updates too.. And yeah would really love if DVDs came out of these shows or better yet tour the rest of America??

  6. Thanks doc for the pics! He looks absolutely great in his color (and mine too☺) and it sounded like the show was off the chain!! and also thanks for ur updates!!

  7. “Black Muse” CN like this lyric very much!!
    I got it!!!!! But whereeeeee???

  8. He just HAS to put out a DVD!!!

  9. He HAS to put out a DVD of these shows!!!!!!!!

  10. I know U r “Prince”!!
    I know U r “Rock star”!!
    I know U r “Musician”!!
    CN looooooooove ur guitar play!!!
    22~yesterday in CN time.

  11. thank U Dr.
    Prince rocks!!!
    I wish I was there…but very happy to see Prince enjoyed his stage!

  12. What a crazy night!!!
    CN was there!!!
    CN was excite!!!
    CN was cry!!!
    Doesn’t CN’s huge words work???

  13. 4ever beautiful Prince
    tahnx 4 the pix

  14. 4ever beautiful Prince
    Thanx 4 the pix

  15. The show was amazing!!! Probably my favorite of the 4 so far! He wrecked us! Can’t wait for the Jan 18 show 🙂

  16. That shirt is fly. Prince looks like the Purple Rain Prince. His show seems like it is vintage Prince. Just straight up playing no tricks………

  17. oh dr i love ya! i just got up after sleeping nearly 12 hors after that amazing show and org hangout afterwards. to come online to see pics of that sexy purple shirt has me in eaven!!

  18. oh i love u dr! after sleeping nearly 12 hrs to recover and to come online to see pics of that sexy purple shirt i’m in heaven!! hope to find pics of when it was open!!

  19. Hot Pictures of Beautiful people !!

  20. Ordinary words just do not capture the essence of Prince. smh
    So, thanks for the photos which certainly help to draw the picture.

    BTW = Ida Nielsen’s attire is absolutely gorgeous.

  21. I hate I missed this show…Prince looks amazing. So gorgeous and sexy, full of energy, and vocals were amazing. So glad you posted these. Wish I could have been there. I hear the ? of U was awesome with the Gingerbread Man implented. And Little Red Corvette, Do Me Baby, and I Wanna Be Your Lover…amazing!

  22. OK, spill it. Doc.

    What time tomorrow do the Prince Last-Second NYE Midnight Hit-n-Run Surprise Jam ‘Til The Break O’ Dawn tickets go on sale and where the jam gon’ be and what’s a good hotel and restaurant nearby and how do I contact you so you can put in a word to get me in stagefront and — more importantly — what happened to your Lakers against my Spurs the other night? 😉

  23. Wish I was there- this looked FUN-KAY!

  24. Thanks Doc, the KID was dressed 2 The 9’s wasn’t he ???

    Think he wasn’t … ;0)

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