Prince Can Make You Do Crazy Things At His Shows – Even Propose!

This couple got engaged during Prince's Jan. 18 show in NYC

This couple got engaged during Prince's Jan. 18 show in NYC

I've seen Prince fans get married, but never pop the question at an actual Prince concert!

At last night's Welcome 2 America concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City, the couple pictured above got engaged as Prince began singing "Adore". Event organizers were in on the secret and shined a spotlight on the couple as they did their thang. Wow, talk about pressure!

We assume from the second pic that she said yes; clearly they are "The Marrying Kind".

Congrats to the happy couple and to Prince for helping them seal the deal. Will a Prince song accompany them down the aisle? Inquiring minds want to know... -Dr.FB

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  1. Congrats 2 the lucky couple! I can relate. When Prince played Melbourne on 22nd Oct 2003, at our meet and greet my wife asked P if he would play Adore… of course he graciously did and with ring in hand I proposed. No spotlight or photo though, just the memory and 8 years on still the song that guides us.

  2. Congratulations anotherlover86! That is so romantic, you got a keeper!

  3. I also got proposed to at this concert, at the end of purple rain. Best night of my life! Thanks Prince!

  4. Awesome!, My hubby and I danced to “Better with Time” at our wedding on 10*10*10

  5. I agree Markostaad! 😉 How sweet of him to offer an assist.A bright,handsome,talented,sweet man he CANNOT be of THIS WORLD! lol

  6. The only thing that could top that is getting proposed to by Prince himself 😀

  7. How Sweet!!!

  8. sweet 🙂

  9. i hope she does not walk in to a door hahahah

  10. wasnt that awesome .. made me tear up!

  11. awww thats really sweet

  12. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How true. Love!

  13. Romance is in the air and there is hope for all the single ladies out there!! Proposed to at a Prince concert, it does not get better than that! She is a lucky lucky woman. Thanks for sharing this Doc

  14. Very cool. I want “Adore” played at my wedding

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