Dr. Funkenberry Interviews Nikka Costa!~

We had a chance to interview Nikka Costa before her Roxy show last week, in the bathroom of the Roxy no less. We did that last time, but not on camera.

We discuss Nikka's thoughts on her upcoming CD, the state of the Record industry, tour plans, and several other things.

Thanks to L7 for doing the camera work.

Check out the interview Dr. Funkenberry did with Nikka Costa and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

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  1. Great interview, Doc. Nikka is a great vocalist! Loved watching her performing with Prince (saw it on a video).

    BTW, you have such a cute dimple!! ::giggle::

  2. Great interview, thanks DrFunkenberry.! Which band was playing in the background?

  3. So the mystery is over on who Dr.FnB really is. Good interview & congrats on ur successful site

  4. So much fun. She is so cool. Love Nikka
    I hope you get to talk to her again soon,doc.
    Much Love

  5. Glad to see u doin some more with the vid.Wish more artists would take the time to do so.Guess what?!I am in video production right now.If only I lived closer .lol Keep pluggin away Doc!Nice job!

  6. Great interview :-) Looking forward to tearing the plastic off her new disk.

  7. Nice job man! Nice long and relaxed interview with a sound check in the background — that’s how it’s supposed to be done :-)

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