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The Doc Mistaken For Russell Crowe?

The Doc...Or Russell Crowe? Photo: M.M.

So I hung out with a friend recently and she took a photo of me. Her friend thought it was Russell Crowe.  Ha!  Yea. So either, her friend needs glasses….or I really need to shave. Shave it is.-DocFB Diagnosis:  Russell Crowe?  I’m Sure He’s Insulted

Whitney Cummings Is Your Naughty Nurse This Fall

  Ok, we are one of the only ones for the past few years that found Whitney Cummings sexy the past few years.  Yes, even admitting she wears granny panties on “Chelsea Lately” didn’t falter us.  In the clip above, she dresses as a naughty nurse, garters n stockings n all.  I wouldn’t hesitate to let […]

Top Searches For DrFunkenberry.com For 04/14/11

Top searches bringing people to DrFunkenberry.com for 04/14/11: 1.  Lady Gaga 2.  Chris Brown 3.  What Did Kobe Bryant Say 4.  Dr.Funkenberry (That’s me!) 5.  Prince 6.  Sofia Vergara 7.  Kesha 8.  Coco 9.  Kelly Brook -Dr.FB

The Doc Talks About R & B Artist Kem

Kem & Dr.Funkenberry

  What’s up Funkenbabies!  We were able to see R & B sensation Kem in concert and we have some exclusive footage for you coming up.  Check out what the Doc had to say and peep the photo below we took with Kem.  Shout out to Nurse IV for  being my video girl.-Dr.FB Diagnosis: Kem […]

3 A.M. Photo Shoot…….

3 A.M. Photo Shoot. Photo: Dr.Funkenberry

At 3 A.M., This is what FREEDom looks like.-Dr.FB Diagnosis:  Funky For No Reason Follow Me On Twitter Like Me On Facebook