The Doc Mistaken For Russell Crowe?

The Doc...Or Russell Crowe? Photo: M.M.
The Doc...Or Russell Crowe? Photo: M.M.

The Doc...Or Russell Crowe? Photo: M.M.

So I hung out with a friend recently and she took a photo of me. Her friend thought it was Russell Crowe.  Ha!  Yea.

Russell Crowe File Photo

Russell Crowe File Photo

So either, her friend needs glasses....or I really need to shave.

Shave it is.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Russell Crowe?  I'm Sure He's Insulted


Whitney Cummings Is Your Naughty Nurse This Fall


Ok, we are one of the only ones for the past few years that found Whitney Cummings sexy the past few years.  Yes, even admitting she wears granny panties on "Chelsea Lately" didn't falter us. 

In the clip above, she dresses as a naughty nurse, garters n stockings n all.  I wouldn't hesitate to let her take my temperature.  What?  I'm just saying...plus...it goes with the clip!

It would have been sexier if she was playing the nurse for Doctor Funkenberry and not for Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.  Sigh. 

Regardless, check out the clip above and let us know what you think as Whitney comes.....to your TV this Fall on Thursdays!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Gonna Have To Get On Chelsea Lately Now!


Top Searches For DrFunkenberry.com For 04/14/11

Lady GaGa  Photo: Flynetonline.com

Lady GaGa Photo: Flynetonline.com

Top searches bringing people to DrFunkenberry.com for 04/14/11:

1.  Lady Gaga

2.  Chris Brown

3.  What Did Kobe Bryant Say

4.  Dr.Funkenberry (That's me!)

5.  Prince

6.  Sofia Vergara

7.  Kesha

8.  Coco

9.  Kelly Brook



The Doc Talks About R & B Artist Kem

Kem & Dr.Funkenberry


What's up Funkenbabies!  We were able to see R & B sensation Kem in concert and we have some exclusive footage for you coming up. 

Check out what the Doc had to say and peep the photo below we took with Kem.  Shout out to Nurse IV for  being my video girl.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Kem Brings The Doc Out Of Hiding

Kem & Dr.Funkenberry

Kem & Dr.Funkenberry


3 A.M. Photo Shoot…….

3 A.M. Photo Shoot. Photo: Dr.Funkenberry
3 A.M. Photo Shoot. Photo: Dr.Funkenberry

3 A.M. Photo Shoot. Photo: Dr.Funkenberry

At 3 A.M., This is what FREEDom looks like.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Funky For No Reason

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Dr. Funkenberry Interviews Nikka Costa!~

We had a chance to interview Nikka Costa before her Roxy show last week, in the bathroom of the Roxy no less. We did that last time, but not on camera.

We discuss Nikka's thoughts on her upcoming CD, the state of the Record industry, tour plans, and several other things.

Thanks to L7 for doing the camera work.

Check out the interview Dr. Funkenberry did with Nikka Costa and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB


Gwen Stefani Talks About New No Doubt Album

Gwen Stefani took time out from New York Fashion Week to talk about No Doubt and the new CD.

As much as we LOVE your clothing line Gwen, we CANNOT wait for the NEW No Doubt record!!!

Also, congrats to Tony Konal and his wife as she is pregnant. We hear he is giving it a healthy dose of Bob Marley and Prince and reads the baby stuff from Dr.Funkenberry.com every day! OK OK we added the last part but with Marley and Prince, that baby is going to be funky with or without us!

Are you guys looking forward to a new No Doubt record?-Dr.FB


Not Fu#@ You BUT Thank YOU!!!!!!

Drfunkenberry Logo

Hello Funkenbabies!

It's been a while since I have been able to write one of these but I just had to.  I wanted to say THANK YOU!

Usually, in the summer months, people are too busy to go online or do anything.  Not you, our fearless reader!!!

Over the summer months, we averaged 300,000+ pageviews a month!!

In fact, we passed the 3 million pageviews mark sometime in early August.  Not even 2 years in existence!

I really appreciate you coming here when I know there are bigger sites out there.  I didn't say better but I will let you be the judge. 

To thank our advertisers as well, I am lowering the rates to advertise on the site for September.  To advertise, go here.

We are going to have several giveaways in  the next few days to thank you in our own way. 

I promise you in the next few months we are going to make some changes to make the site bigger and better for you. 

Thank you so much, to the people that love the site, the people that hate the site, and the people who come here several times a day that love and hate me all at the same time.-Dr.FB


Agnes Contest Free Song & Win Free Headphones

Agnes and Dr.Funkenberry are hooking you up! 

Just go HERE and you can get a free download remix of Agnes "Release Me" and a chance to win a pair of White Beats headphones. 

Get to downloading and good luck!-Dr.FB