Ballerina Misty Copeland Appearing On Tavis Smiley Show TONIGHT

Tonight, talk show host Tavis Smiley welcomes ballerina Misty Copeland to his show on PBS.

Copeland has been in the news recently for dancing on stage with Prince during the New York run of his “Welcome 2 America” concerts. Copeland was the object of his affection during the performance of the song “Beautiful Ones”.

More about Copeland from Smiley’s website:

Misty Copeland is one of the world’s top Black ballet dancers. Widely credited as the first African American soloist at American Ballet Theatre—one of the three leading classical companies in the U.S.—she rose to stardom despite not starting ballet until age 13. By age 15, she was winning awards. Copeland joined ABT’s Studio Company in ’00, became a member of the corps de ballet in ’01 and was appointed a soloist in ’07. Last year, she was handpicked by Prince to appear in one of his videos and perform during his global tour.

The show airs tonight on PBS. Check local listings for showtimes. No news yet on whether Copeland will make an appearance on stage during Prince’s shows in Oakland, CA tonight and tomorrow night. Let’s hope so! -Dr.FB




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  4. stefanie

    Misty has an underbite. That is why her jaw looks a bit big in pictures and when she speaks. She has a pouting look.

  5. Chocolatsis65

    I know right… like we can’t read backwards heehee n like EVERY woman (with any taste) doesn’t fall all over them selves 4 my sweet brotha! especially when he sings right 2 U don’t u just feel he must be into u. Yeah thats a showman for ya. It reminds me of the lyric in Dreams by Fleetwood Mac “Playas only love u when there playin” not me tho he REALLY loves me! Philia

  6. Aprilflower

    P.S.S also Prince you should of tossed your guitar to me since I was right in front of you — I would of happily handed the guitar back to your stage hands — lots of love to you Prince — one question tho — ?teem ot teg ew od nehW

  7. Aprilflower

    P.S to Prince would be nice if you had a website so long time Prince fans can become members and acquire the best seats in an organized manner. Love ya dearly P

  8. Aprilflower

    No she didn’t appear for the Oakland 2/23 show but I was there in a VIP section A floor seat. WOW Prince I love you so much. I just wished me and a few others could of made it to the stage to meet and possibly dance with you. Now I hear the San Francisco Bay Area/Sacramento Valley is in for some snow today– WOW– fitting since Sometimes It Snows In April. Just proves that you need to come back to the SF/SAC area. The last minute scramble for tickets was problematic too. Thank you Prince for a great show and thank you Doc for a great site to comment on.

  9. controversy12

    Thanks doc for mentioning this … Tavis’s tv show comes on very late for me so I had to watch it online … it was nice I wish her well

  10. marrysheila

    Prince is a style icon with buckets of personality…. she is professional conservative….. I don’t think they are dating either….. he is just helping her to get more exposure. Prince should marry Sheila E!

  11. AllAroundTheWorld

    I disagree. I think she comes across as smart and professional. I dont think her and Prince are dating. She doesnt seem like a “Prince girl” type but I think its great what he is doing for her career and for the black community to get her name out and possibly open avenues for lower income children to have an opportunity to express themselves through art. People just see Prince’s reputation and think he is married to every woman he’s seen with. lol. I also agree with Pandemonium, a ballerina concept is cool for NY but he should add new elements to his show. i dont know what, but something new. Great reviews for both Prince and Misty.

  12. alicia411

    The interview was so boring. She seems nice but she lacks charisma and charm. To be honest the conversation flatlined, I expected it to be more interesting.

  13. pandemonium

    I hope she stays focused on her career. Too many of these women get caught up with the purple yoda and then left when he moves on to the next new thing. I think the ballerina concept was cool for New York but thats it. It’s been done now and in the press. P likes to change up his shows and thats what makes him so invaluable as a live artist. He is all I need to see on that symbol stage, shaking his cute ass around and shredding that guitar. He is a musician and i love him for it!

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