Video: PRINCE Performs “The Beautiful Ones” On Lopez Tonight

Prince performed "The Beautiful Ones" for the very first time on Television on "Lopez Tonight" with dancer Misty Copeland.

This song holds a special place in my heart n I like Misty's dancing in it.

What do you think of the performance of this Prince classic?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: "The Beautiful Ones Always Smash The Picture..Always...Everytime....


Prince Is “Extra Loveable” But Where Will He Play Next?

Prince  Copyright NPG Records

Prince at Madison Square Garden, NYC. Dec. 29 | Copyright NPG Records 2010

Hmm.  Prince is "Extra Loveable"...and we know that you know that.  So is the doc as well.

We can only guess PRINCE is not worried about new lawsuit claims. (What?  Didn't think WE would mention it? tsk.  He is not worried bout, we ain't worried bout it.) 

Perhaps he is on a high with Misty Copeland being his "date" to Elton John's Oscar party.....that we did not even hear if Prince even had an Oscar party.....shoot, we would be on a high too.  A girl the doc dated in high school was a former ballerina n she was quite bendy.  Ahem.  'Scuse me.....

Wherever PRINCE plays next, make your way there!!!!!

We just got word that he got a 25 minute live version of the bootleg classic "EXTRA LOVEABLE" that he is about to unleash.  What do you know about that PURPLE FUNK????? 

(I know I would love to hear a sample of that 25 minutes, PRINCE.  Ahem.  Just putting it out there.....)

With PRINCE bringing out jams like "Extra Loveable" the party is going to go on for days ya'll!!!!!!!

BTW, do we still have permission to tweet during a show that has "Extra Loveable" in it?-Dr.FB

Prince. Photo: GettyImages.com

Prince. Photo: GettyImages.com


Ballerina Misty Copeland Appearing On Tavis Smiley Show TONIGHT


Tonight, talk show host Tavis Smiley welcomes ballerina Misty Copeland to his show on PBS.

Copeland has been in the news recently for dancing on stage with Prince during the New York run of his "Welcome 2 America" concerts. Copeland was the object of his affection during the performance of the song "Beautiful Ones".

More about Copeland from Smiley's website:

Misty Copeland is one of the world's top Black ballet dancers. Widely credited as the first African American soloist at American Ballet Theatre—one of the three leading classical companies in the U.S.—she rose to stardom despite not starting ballet until age 13. By age 15, she was winning awards. Copeland joined ABT's Studio Company in '00, became a member of the corps de ballet in '01 and was appointed a soloist in '07. Last year, she was handpicked by Prince to appear in one of his videos and perform during his global tour.

The show airs tonight on PBS. Check local listings for showtimes. No news yet on whether Copeland will make an appearance on stage during Prince's shows in Oakland, CA tonight and tomorrow night. Let's hope so! -Dr.FB


Meet The Hot Chick In Prince’s New Video

Misty Copeland File Photo
Misty Copeland File Photo

Misty Copeland File Photo

Here is some info on the HOTNESS that starred in Prince's new video, "Crimson and Clover".

Her name is Misty Copeland, and she has been dancing since the tender age of thirteen.  Misty has been called the "first" African American female soloist  for the American Ballet Theater.   She has extraordinary talent and is an exceptionally skilled dancer.

Excellent choice Prince!!


Prince Shoots Video For Crimson & Clover

This just in to drfunkenberry.com;

Ballerina Misty Copeland just finished shooting the lead role in the Prince's 4thcoming Crimson & Clover video shoot. Word is she did an amazing job (this was her first shoot).. we can hardly wait 2 c the finished video!

Thanks to the no-name reporter.This is a song from his upcoming CD Lotusflow3r-Dr.FB